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About Us

Julia Crowley, Writer 

Wine became an integral part of my life and career long before writing did. It wasn't until the two were combined that I realized writing about wine was not simply a natural talent but a deeply rooted passion.

Meeting Sara, whose passion for her own craft shown parallel to mine, combining our award-winning talents to create unforgettable visual and verbal adventures was a natural merge of our enthusiastic comparable aspirations. 

Sara Heinrichs, Photographer

Looping and twisting itself through years of my life, photography was a past time until I committed to studying it and subsequently making it a career.

With a passion for capturing all things wild and exotic, particularly when travel, wine and food are involved, I knew the moment I met Julia that our harmonized zest for a life well loved and lived would intertwine our careers. 


Rich. Hearty. Voluptuous. One sip of the 2014 Luminous Hills Lux Pinot Noir and I knew I had stumbled upon something vividly sui generis. I held onto that glass of Pinot Noir for hours, sipping it slowly - reveling in the experience of its evolving characteristics and aromatic essences. Eager to learn more, I discovered the location of the vineyards, the clonal selections, soil types, harvest dates and cooperage, to name just a selection of much presented. Furthermore, the significance of the word Lux was unveiled. In Latin, Lux means light and truth. And there it was, the single word that defined our journey in building a business where our combined talents and passions would bring the art of a life well lived to life through photo essays encompassing Sara's photography (where "light" is the essence of every image caught), and my writing (where "truth" is fundamentally vital in every word written). Together we are light and truth. We are LUX. 


Both award-winning in our craft, together we devise and design photo essay packages brimming with illustrious images and words of wisdom while unveiling the art of a life well lived. 


With nearly 25 years in the wine industry, "Julia," is the namesake behind my award-winning website  My craft is bringing wine, travel and food to life through words, wisdom and creative content production.  Once the sole proprietor of a highly successful Oregon-centric wine bar, my passion for writing was ignited, and my thirst for knowledge of terroir was, and still is, unquenchable.  Having traveled extensively through six of the seven continents of the world; including, spending most of my youth residing in the Middle East; more specifically, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, I'm well versed, fascinated by and enthusiastic about unearthing the cultures of the world through publication...and photography.  Travel, wine and food are at the center of my soul, expressed through words of truth and delight.  


Simply put, I'm a fashion-inspired photographer living in Eugene, Oregon.  But, when the gradient layers of light trickle in on a breezy day through a sheer-curtained open window, I'm much more of a passion-inspired photographer.  Born in the Yukon where endless summer days were matched equally with long winter nights, my imagination of far away places became a reality when life spun forward and I was able to marvel at the fascinating sights, foods and cultures of Africa, England and Australia - clicking the camera at all things inspiring and intriguing.  Photography became a pastime looping and twisting itself through the years until I committed to studying it professionally.  My images gained accolades at the Hallmark Institute of Photography, and I graduated as a respected and recognized award-winning photographer - subsequently making photography my career. The beauty of the print was redefined the first time I witnessed a fine art print emerging from the printer. I held it in my hands, a tangible link to another time and place.  Thousands of stunning photos later, my business, Sara Heinrichs Portraiture, is successfully thriving and prospering.  My enthusiasm for interlacing the exquisiteness of light with adventures in travel, wine and food is emerging as LUX takes off the ground and soars.  There are many places I have yet to go, faces I have yet to see, and prints I have yet to make.  This is the love of the journey. 

Work With Us

We want to work with you, and our innovative photo essays are unparalleled. Please contact us at 541-337-5904

Sample Policy

Shipping address: LUX: Photo Essays, 1895 Happy Lane, Eugene, OR 97401.

We love to receive samples of wine, wine related gadgets, wine products and fresh, healthy farm to table foods – it’s part of what gives us great content for our innovative, one-of-a-kind photo essays and featured articles.

Our bags are packed: We thrive on traveling and experiencing new and exciting places where wine, food and tourism abound. Our photo essays are unmatched and perfectly created to enhance travel experiences.  

Since we are highly engaged in social media on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; as well as, working in collaboration with wine associations and wine boards, our photo essays will be shared far and wide. Each essay will be linked with Julia's award-winning website, Julia is also a Correspondent with Snooth, a freelance writer for multiple regional and national publications and she makes regular radio appearances on KPNWs Wake Up Call with Robb Holloway and Bill Lundun, where wine, food and travel are the focused topics.

Honesty is our policy, enthusiasm is our drive, and we are women of integrity. We love to share our views and opinions on the products we receive, but sending a sample does not guarantee a write-up or photo essay. We will do our best to at least mention the product received in one or more of our social media outlets – whether it’s a simple thank you, a featured photograph or an entire photo essay and/or featured post.

Thank you for your interest in LUX: Photo Essays, we are thrilled you stopped by!

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