About Brand Marketing Content

Branding is Design, Images, Color, Font and Content that communicates the style of you, your product, your service and your message or story. 

Lux Photo Essay will take you through the process of fleshing out and creating cohesive branding content for your social media or online presence as unique as you and the business/influence you desire to build.

The Vision

IMAGES you love!  Portraying you, your product, your service and your business with sincerity and enthusiasm.

CONTENT you love!  Imagery of what you communicate, share, connect, serve, teach and sell

FONTS you love!  Fonts are pure design adding to the message you are trying to communicate

COLOR SCHEMES you love!  Branding that is feminine, masculine, or neutral realizing colors affect mood and have energy communicating Relaxation, Power, Luxury, Calm, Health, or Wealth.

DESIGN you love!  


Lifestyle & Instagram/Social Media Content Sessions

Half day or Full Day Sessions start at $600 and are booked monthly, quarterly or one time only.

Image packages start at $1200


Using Format